Murray Millet Chapter 2 Assault from the Sea

Allowed the landing craft to float free from an open

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Unformatted text preview: • Marine corp got the prop of an OPPOSED amph op- it was obscure- plan ORANGE needed the specialized force and Marine corps realized they could be it- army was not happy abt independent marine corps though- • Major Ellis studied the defense and capture of bases before WWI to analyze the requirements of amp ops- he said that there was a valid geographic theater and a specific enemy • Army and navy had probs deciding cooperation in defense- esp with incr of aviation –Joint Overseas Expeditions- concepts for making opposed beach landing- but didn’t know who to lead it- • Had some inter- milit practicing- but one prob: moving combat troops to landing boarts from transports was too slow- also, supporting artillery and light tnaks couldn’t get ashore to help breach beach defenses- and air suppor and naval gunfire was inadequate- • Marine corps- started to write doctrine- tentative manual for landing ops- - almost doubled size of marine corps in 1940 to 28k • Navy and marine corp (in FLEXs) tried all technique and tactical approached- night, smoke, air fire, gunfire, concentrated v dispersed, • Rea...
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