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Murray Millet Chapter 2 Assault from the Sea

Annual fleet landing exercises and accepted the naval

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Unformatted text preview: ed to stop focus on military training (ie army trainging) and focus on technical traingin- navy didn’t need to create a second amph army—used night time landings, use of smoke screens, rapid, complicated with parachute- trained battalions which land based naval aviation could drop- • Interservice rivalry complicated collab of army and nacy, it didn’t prevent them from conducting agter 7 dec 1941- limitations only came when us alrered conditions in which jap had to operate • NEW- army and navy separate- but, then new stdy came out and army believed that they needed faster landings and that they should come ashore ready to gith- light naval infantry securing an undefended landing sight , soldiers towaed to shore in unposered barges and slow disembarkment of artillery and horse was not going to be enough anymore- so army began to develop its force- ties to jap shipping industry- army practiced a lot- soon supplanted the navy as the authoritative source on amphib ops • How to come ashore defended: navy ensure enemy air sub or warship attack was not going to happen- and navy provide gunfire- but, army show...
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