Murray Millet Chapter 2 Assault from the Sea

Except for naval elites knew it was inevitable no

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Unformatted text preview: asia- subjugate China- real barrier to expansion weren’t Euro colonial powers but Us and Russia bc both supported Chian- divided into two schools of thought • • • US One- continentalists- army officers- need to dominate asia and go north to Siberia- would like southern like Burma or siam , but not esserntial Two- imperialist- empire with some enclaves of chian, but mostly in the south seas resource area like Malaysia and dutch west indeis- - needed to eliminate us west of Hawaii and conquer south pacific from Australia- Imperial navalist campaign of 1941- perfect bc Russia engrossed with G and Us had to rebuild armed forces for Euro- Jap most liekyl enemy- had to have vast naval campaign vs them- elites said no, except for naval elites- knew it was inevitable=- • No responsible milit planner believed that a Euro power represented a huge danger until the late 1930s bc only B had milit capacity to threaten us after WWI • Plan ORANGE- army- navy plan- strat conception of a conflict with J- influenced navy and army deployment- different from B and J bc only focused on one foe and one plan-...
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