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Murray Millet Chapter 2 Assault from the Sea

Never got hard training and trial and error one

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Unformatted text preview: lized needed to isolate objective area dn then pound defenders into stupor with aval gunfire and air support- violent landing- need rapid reinforcenemtn with artillery and tanks- greatest threat was air and naval counter- bt most immediate concern was air and ground counterattack • Debate in the US was open to the pub ynlike in BJ The Procurement Issue: Amphibious Shipping and Landing Craft • Amp assault didn’t need high risk investements in new tech, but just special adaptations fo hsipping, air, vehicles, weapons Sometimes, tradeoff in capability- ex: landing craft- size, speed, degree, ease of eltting off troops, arrrate shore fire, etc- BUSJ all needed special landing craft for infantry, light tanks etc- basically took stuff needed and modified for amph ops like seawater corrosion, flooding, sand Britain • Nedeed a motorized landing craft- went to admiralty with not a high priority- little attention- after 1940 disaster- Churchill pushed development of fleet for breeching ships that could carry heavy tanks, arillery etc- Landing Ship Tank- bw ramps and shallow draft • Found vessels in LA on oil fields and...
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