Murray Millet Chapter 2 Assault from the Sea

Of potentially of amp hope g had success vs russias

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Unformatted text preview: - - but, when J started to get into Chna in 1937- the other three of 5 power treaty had started naval reamamnet- but, low priority to create advanced naval bases- Dardenelles • Ex of ambitions amph op in WWi- failure of allies- ppl said that slaughter bc impossible to prevail against prepared defenses with machine guns and artillery- • But, also examples of potentially of amp hope- G had success vs Russias in blatic • J so skilles- esp in WWi – esp as allied intervention in Siberia Strat context of Amph Ops Brit Army and Royal Navy • Had minor interest in combined forces, but royal air force had none- had to deal with ten year year rule- nut, had no choice but to view G as enemy- saw war on continent as motorized armies and air forces with wide defense, start bombing and gorund force support • Modernizing the navy was secondary let alone investment in amph forces- couldn’t even beign to thinkn of defending Hong Kong or Singapore in asai- so would rely on Us or Russ • Also, arrogant about being able to defeat Japs Jap • Elites believed destiny would be to dominate...
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