Murray Millet Chapter 2 Assault from the Sea

On coasts needed 16k men but didnt change anything

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Unformatted text preview: • Army lobbied for protection of west and even west coast by getting long range bomber,s heavy artillery, tactival aviation, mobile defenses • Navy believed only needed major fleet engagemyny and then an air siege of jap- need battleships, heavy and light cruisers , air groups for protection, Conc: BUSJ all needed amph ops, or to study them- but only the us had a distinct requirement to create advanced naval bases and seixze bases- so only the us required OPPOSED landing The Organizationog Amph Forces Britain • Had every reason to maintinat apmh assault force- realized necessity though- was shocked from failure of dardenelles- didn’t try to get army and navy together to practice and test – budget was a convenient excuse- just didn’t want to open can of worms in peace time though • Lacked ocmmimtment ad memort- both of which the marienes would have provided- but marines didn’t try to seize this, were ct to 9k men from 40k • Madden Committee report- wants the Mariens to be up to 16k so said needed marines aboard warships for landing and raids vs nabala bases and on coasts- needed...
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