Murray Millet Chapter 2 Assault from the Sea

Soldiers towaed to shore in unposered barges and slow

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Unformatted text preview: or weakly defended isalnds of guam and wake- if more major ops, needed army which had most landing craft, transports- so, J had two amph forces- could op together- • Yohei Koryo- war plans- army thought needed more rapid landings and need to come ashore prepped to fght- past scenario not ready for modern warfare- cant tow unpowered barges with horses and heavy artillery- • New sea transport – R and D for this • Army supplanted the navy as the authoritative amph war- doctrine- appreciation for army and navy to work together- • Navy’s cover have to ensure no enemy air attack, sub attack, or warshop raid to disturb whn coming ashore- would also provide naval gunfire to destroy beach defenses- • Amy was there to hace motorized landing craft and ability to move troops and equip fast from transports- • Army’s domination of amph ops had two effects that reduced Jap primacy in the operational specialty- • China taught them that the tradit view of amph was best- landing at niht and by widely dispersed yet concentrated at the point of attack0 deploy in columns, not waves- • Navy want...
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