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Murray Millet Chapter 2 Assault from the Sea

Unpowered barges with horses and heavy artillery new

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Unformatted text preview: 16k men- but didn’t change anything- Marines just accepted this- discouraged dissent among own officers- also, preoccupied with the mobile naval base defense unit0 Admiralty also could not increase the royal marine budget • Watson memo- est inter service training and development on amphib ops= studied what needed, relat of airborn to landing ops, defending and overcoming shore defenses- • Maund=- was the most imp contributor- had seen Jap amph ops in shangai- - • But had already fallen behing jus- and needed to reverse that fast- • • But hard to sidestep the bur- hart- wanted it to be part of indirect approach- but didn’t embrace the cause bc it was inconsistent with his advocacy of isolationism and mechanized warfare- didn’t do it unitl 1940 Japan • Surpassed in amp ops after WWI- in terms of milt capability, as prepared as the US- used China as testing for amph warfare- made changes to doctrine as a result- as army focused more on russ and chian, navy took over amph war which focused on american land in pacific- • Concentrated on small, very mobile, lightly armed naval infantry f...
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