principle causes and interest

Senate more likely to use republicanism realist s if

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Unformatted text preview: ts of assumptions or realistic expectations about how representation operates- if you really take mad and ham at their words- republican representation- - in the sense of classical republic, the public wheel and the public good- what citizens would want if they understand what hey should want- disregards popular opinion- filters and transforms it and makes it in the interest of the common good- BURKE- sided with the colonies, about separating, but it would harm his shipping business- but he chose to go with the country- mad and ham says the wisest will adopt this! Senate- more likely to use republicanism- Realist- s if men were angels, no need for gov- PLURALIST- contrast from republican- sees interest of constituents as just emanating from what is going on in the district- good reps vote for something because it helps their district- wont vote against defense stuff if boeing in their district- mirror or represent the diversity of intersts in the districts- vote the way your constituents would if they were in office-...
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