principle causes and interest

Dynamicchangingprogressive interest group there is a

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Unformatted text preview: s= that of relig rights- degree of security will depend on the number of interests in sects- this argument is that just in a pol community in diverse relig sects- adam smith says relig freedom is protected in hetero relig sects- encourages tolerance of the rights of minorities- madison never mentions parties- rather than a dynamic/changing/progressive interest group, there is a two party system were intersts are permanently aligned – working with other people is what mad and ham assume will happen 3 models of representation- republican/pluralist/public choice- wanted dynamic shifting of temp coalitions- so, this national plural is a prob for anti feds and monet- fine at a local level, but impossible at a nta bc cant have policies that reflect REPUBLICAN second main device allude to in 10 and 51- idea of representation representation- even in federalist papers themselves, there are three se...
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