principle causes and interest

Good example of a republican antifedearlists critique

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Unformatted text preview: not through the wisdom of the agent- position in the house- reps vote in accordance with constsits 3- cynical- PUBLIC CHOICE_ neither vote what hey think is best for common nation or for their constituents- instead, interests are their own interests- they pursue what will help them, may not coincide with interests of consitutents- sometimes, but its an accidental coincidence- when aren’t looking/paying attention- voting for a particular bill or policy- may be for revolving door- voting for tax bracket/pocketbooks – J beechum- = likely that interst of rep will coincide with interest of the constituents- pluralist model- can rely upon – not optimistic about the republican ideal- hoped when it mattered, they would do it- but really no hope that it would be the norm- but rather than thinking about which one or particular senators as corresponding to these things- Robert berg is a good example of a republican antifedearlists critique of feds- prob of repserantion is a prob of numbers- a mean”- between having too few and too many representatives- how big...
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