Puritan Political Theology

Church cov chosen congregation significant that it is

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Unformatted text preview: ng a human- universal 2. cov of nature- unchosen- birth/faminfused with spark of divinity, mankind- owe something to family etc- almos tin tension with grace- bec grace is owed to everyone, nature is special things owed to special people dependent upon birth/lineage 3. church cov- chosen- congregation- significant that it is voluntary- puritans believ cant be born into a church- (half- way covenant- troubled the subs generations of puritans- halfway cov- children tentatively born into a congregation- have to wait to be fully reasonable to voluntarily join) 4. covenant of politics- chosen- political community- both are conventional creations- only sig if voluntarily choose- tension with a system where you are born a sovereign- so against monarchy- if not born into a church, shouldn't be born into a gov- radicalism and egalitarianism Mayflower compact: - pilgrims more ascetic than puritans- plus some others- 102 people- all males 18+ free/unfree signed the doc 1. how maintain community- some not part of cov of church and no intention of joining- why need to be part of cov of politics? …bc all under auth of king james- already apart of pol community- james- renowned for defender of divine right of kings- accused of being a cath even though a “defender of faith”- puritans hated him- bc led to their persecution who- ‘we whose names are undersigned’ material what-...
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