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Samuel Admas and Tom Paine as Losers

Argument about nature of go that is indep of amer rev

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Unformatted text preview: loyal subjects- well entitled- taxation without representation, no arbitrary rule- rights of magna carta- rights british citizens expected- tradition- secular lockianism was in ever writing- jefferson, franklin- the ones still relevant were drawing from enlightment and contractarian ideas- we overstate the pervasiveness of ideas at that time- sam adams- passage: sense of economic resentment- page 3 in section on rights of colonists as men- ‘hired servants’ are okay- people who ruled over them- they work for us- congressmen are paid by us- and we should pay them reasonable wages- paine’s common sense- rhetoric - universal meditation on government- what it should look like, what is legitimate- argument about nature of go that is indep of amer rev- the American colonists should no longer be a part of british empire- you could, in principle buy into the arguemtn that there is something illegitimate of the amer gov- so, tendency seems to go in the same way- british are preju...
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