Samuel Admas and Tom Paine as Losers

Both say you have right to withdraw consent for gov

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Unformatted text preview: ence - right of man- to seclar lockians- not particularly relig- inspired by enlightenment- argument is generic argument- right to life, liberty, property- ambiguity to right to property- not just right to pursue it, but a right to property- humans by nature are entitled to the rights- - but puritans don't beeilve ppl are entitled to rights both say you have right to withdraw consent for gov- contractariansism- you cnat be bound by consent made from your ancestors- you as an indiv have a right to consent- if want to be a part of monarchy, need to prove advantage of it- but logically, will withdraw bc conditions are bad- - exiting from society and gov? how to do one not the other- hobbes says they are the same, must withdraw from tha society- both suggest have the right to withdraw it- tensions between xtan liberty and secular lockian liberty- must make diff appeal to puritans- theological argument- commintement to relig toleration- reason ancestors were here is because denied toleration tories- brit subjects, and loyal- what the brit monarch has done is not to take away the natural rights to property so much as has denied us the rights of british subjects- appeal to tradition and the tradition of...
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