Justice when we choose to ask less of someone than we

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Unformatted text preview: love- caritas- a bond or ligament of political community of self interest justice for Winthrop- - in 17th cent lexicon- political- law and courts/contracts- procedural justice- treated equally in the eyes of the law - mercy/charity declines from justice- when we choose to ask less of someone than we should in the eyes of justice community of perils- never know what epidemic will come to take lives- have to rely upon everyone America has lost its sense of insecurity- we feel the comfort and luxury protects us from disease/poverty/survival – once you thnk you don't rely on others, that is when problems arise Obvious that there was a community of perils- but he acknowledges that at some point, we will arrive at ordinary times- shifts from a rhetoric of special circumstances to one that highlights exceptionalism of a cause- - it shouldn't matter in America...
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