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idea of American exceptionalism

For factions to burn butthe only way to get rid of

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Unformatted text preview: omise parties of affectiosn- attachments to different leaders that have divided people- more disposed to fight- like in rome party of Anthony vs octavius- cult of personality- like ron paul- take parties of affectiosn and principles and transform them into parties motivated by interest- these are the most common endurable – but, the most intense faction is those with property and those without- but you will never be able to get rid of th ecuases of facitons and to try to extirpate sources of factions, would require madison to do some things; it would be crazy to give everyone exactly the same interest- liberty is the err that allows for factions to burn- but,the only way to get rid of factions is to get rid of liberty- then that's really worse than the problem itself- so rather than try to attack root causes of factions, sewn in human nature itself- need to take worst probs of factions- maj parties in local motivated by passions and jealous of landowners need to blunt the worst affects of factions pacific northwest- rurual and industry dependent on logging- knowing how endemic factions are in local legs- need to transfer these passionate issues and move them off to a national level- mad and Hamilton describe it as the extended republic- if the environmental interest wants to get a away at a national lev...
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