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idea of American exceptionalism

Of people with interests that are against another

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Unformatted text preview: gov, always a danger that the majority will monopolize the vote and disenfranchise the minority- mania for voting to negate debts- or just seize the property of others- problem of protecting minorities- rich against masses will lose- so, need to find some way of getting past this issue- faction is a common group of people with interests that are against another faction of people- majority vs. minority factions factions accuated by passions vs interests- but the entire logic of fed 10 is to take the most dangerous of the factions (majority factions)- transform majority factions into minority factions- so, take factiosn dom by passions, and institutionally transform them into interest factions- but the factions are going to happen, but interest factions are less likely to break things- number of people actuated by a common impulse of passion- the suma malum of pop gov is maj faction- how to get rid of factions?- subdivides the causes or sources of factions- divides these parties of principles are the most dangerous- because they wont compromise- if it's a matter of money, you can compr...
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