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it is in youth we plant our chief practices meant

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Unformatted text preview: h America- he is so farsighted- his role is a political educator- wealthy, inventor, very modest- gave back by not patenting his inventions- letter from Benjamin von- he reps a rising people- public statement in tradition of political theory- who is the audience?- it is in youth we plant our chief practices- meant for people who are geniuses in the making, or ambition, and we are weaker men deprived of such help- invite all wisemen- when we see how crule the conquerers and warriors are to the common people and how absurd how distinguished men act- how absurd distinguished men can be to their acquaintance- find how compatible it is to be great and domestic- distinguished and domestic, enviable (famous) and good humored- he is calling for being loved by the people too- uncle warren buffett- folksy, self- deprec...
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