Benjamin Franklin

As we want above al things in a democratic

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Unformatted text preview: ating- this si the model for the new nation- never behave like aristocrats- it was a joke to the brits- FRANKLINE HATED PRETENTIONS OF ARISTOCRACY- hated society of Cincinnatus- after the amer rev, the officers of the continental army founded it- secret society- in al lthe founding fathers- the only abolitionists- he took equality seriously- equality of all- among the things that he was involved with was the first abolitionist society- he joined with the Quakers- “the little private incidents..a.s we want above al things in a democratic culture..rules of prudence in all affairs- key to life- the design of political insts manners- he also talks about how other things he did acted as a popular education- 1732- pg 106- he first published his almanac under riahcrd saunders- poor Richards almanac- he made tons of money- endeavored to make it useful- he put in some moral quotes in there- inducing goodness through proverbs- virtuous- saving his money- he stands with anti feds saying vi®¨†e is necessar¥– but what sep him from classic repub thinkers- he calls for par†icular virtue- virtue...
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