Benjamin Franklin

Republican definition but ben franklin says that we

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Unformatted text preview: as enlightened self interes- there is a way of behaving that is short term self interest- greedy, screwing other people off, avaricisous- but also a way of looking out for yourself but doing so in a way that is cognizant of your own successs tied with that of the community- show people why virture that benefit all was in their interest- ex. Free and Easy society- young men come together and practice debating and elocution- networking events- lending library – he knew to give to humanity by not patenting things like the new stove- also he doesn't want to be greedy in keeping it for himself- don't squash people’s self interest- antifeds say virtue is in pure self sacrifice- a huge burden that you do- but any thing that benefits you in some way is not virtue at all- interest and virtue are mutually antithetical- this si the pure republican definition- but ben franklin says that we still need people to make sacfrifices but the best way to be committed to public service is no to lecture them- but to show people how it can benefit them to be good- volunteer fire dept franklin didn't believe in god- Unitarian vision of god- not really a believer or puritan- talking about the 13 virutes that he had- he specifically left out (pg 100) “it woul be remarked that not my scheme w...
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