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People of the state not federal consolidated leave the

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Unformatted text preview: ly supposed to was bing together the states and over time, it would become more national, not just a contract among states- “very strong distinction in plan that ops on separate vs” federalists have usurped name “federal’ to describe a natl gov- a national union “a plan may be federal or not…rep people of the state- “ not federal- consolidated, leave the natl gov out, and ops on the rights of the individual they both agree that it is a union of states, not a loose agreement between the states where they can just leave- orig agreement was NOT a confederation Hamilton starts off by saying that people are selfish and self interested in this- people are not always going to be motivated by civic virtue- even the most crass person can conjure up a modicum of civic virtue- federalists say Antifeds say: only a matter of time until ground swell of civic virtue will be swept away by luxury- eroding of interests- fundamental difference in view of history- Enlightenment...
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