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Better than clinton sc on par and nh essentially the

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Unformatted text preview: ambunctious crowd (as compared to the classy, elite dinners) Utilized live streaming video in order to educate voters- show voters to not be dejected when polls showed him losing by large gaps Hugest moment at this time: releasing fund raising numbers- like nothing anyone had seen- also had only raised primary money, so had to set aside very little for general election like Clinton had to Raised 7 million more than Clinton for primary money- this was the beacon of light- @ this point, matching Clinton activity in NH and NV or exceeding it in SC Building a Platform - Obama not a strong debater- needed to boil down complex answers to 30 second sound bites was difficult- Clinton won first debate - Spent a ton of time in Iowa- needed to expand the electorate- looked for under the radar caucus attendees while most campaigns focus on a narrow group of Dems (those that have been to a caucus before)- Obama looked for young, sporadic voters, not registered, independents, Repubs - Iowa better than Clinton, SC on par and NH essentially the only one in there at this point- all the other candidates were engaged in top level political alignments in hopes that they could get their supporters - He wanted a “movement”- breaking free of the standard political paradigm - Avoid engaging in a snarky tit- for- tat - Had no margin for error- refused to be bound by insiders- strayed form the pack- getting grief from party people- but fallout from Obama’s absence at crucial party events was never as bad as they thought it would be- Obama wanted large, untraditional crowds - - - At one point- shopped a story about Hilary supporting outsourcing- got shut down by the NYT for bad political games- Unveiled health care reform- but would there by a mandate for all people over 21 to obtain health care? Realized people wanted info and the best way was to email the...
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