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From info online from selling tickets to the events

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Unformatted text preview: o soak up all the drama and attention possible with a competitive race - compared to Obama who wanted the look and feel of a hearty, homespun race with rallies out in the cold weather and real emotion Announcement - Reverend Wright- bad Rolling Stone article- Obama had to distance himself – off to bad start - But, realized it was right to start early – announcement outside In the cold looked great on TV - - - - - - - - - Had an idea of voter base- especially from info online from selling tickets to the events Lots of young voters, many independents and republicans and many democrats who were not regular caucus attendees and many unregistered voters This period showed weakness in the Clinton campaign- not only was Obama getting some supporters that were previously hers, but they were bending to the will of news organizations attempting to get debates up- Obama was inflexible about going- he declined a lot- he wanted an organized, non hectic schedule and didn’t want to be burdened by them- Hilary conceded to the requests- Obama’s plan didn’t take endorsements into account- at one point, Obama to concede, but it made him look weak 1. By going at all 2. By doing a poor job and showing how weak his policy plans were Grassroots was growing quickly, however- had free rallies – key was to not ask for contribution at the rallies, but to follow up with solicitations by email- Low dollar fundraising was big- as compared to the 25k a plate dinners- they made $25 dollar dinners where thousands showed up- and it basically looked like rallies on TV- “citizen fund raisers”- paid for by the city and Obama had a chance to speak in front of r...
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