Campaign Finance

Election campaign fund all of these laws egan federal

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Unformatted text preview: pres could give to own campaign- also allowed uninons and corps which had been prohibited from contributing to campaging to form PACS to colicit contributions for candidates or parties - Revenue act of 1971- created tax credits and deudctions to encourage private contributions, also provided public funding by creating a presidential election campaign fund - All of these laws egan federal gov regulation of national elections - 1974 FECA amendments- spending limits- you cant legally restrict how much people want to donate, but can restrict donations directly to candidates - 1979- soft money provision- to encourage coluntary activitie and higher voter turnout, amendments allowed part committees at all elvels to raise and spend unlimited money for party building – LOOPHOLE- exploited by Clinton- Clinton used money for ads because the ads never explicitly said to vote for him- they were policy oriented - BCRA- McCain Feingold- closed loophole- indiv can give 2,500 to candidate, national party and PAC can give 5k to candidate but unlimited to national party - BCRA- banned national committees from raising sofr money- but also raised indiv and federal contribution limits, also restricted issue advoca...
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