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Freedom of speech 2008 contributions huge amount

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Unformatted text preview: cy ads explicitly stating the candidates name to peridos 30 before primary and 60 days before general election- exemptions for tax- exempt organizations - - - Issue advocacy groups (NRA, CLU) argued this hurt freedom of speech- but lost FEC has to regulate- controversy about definition of “nonpolitical groups” that were exempt from these laws- Dems had turned to nonprofits to raise unlimited money- Repubs called the FEC to stop this, but they didn’t – fined some, but it didn’t erally matter- Citizens United- 2008- made documentary attacking Clinton- FEC said it violated ban on corporate spending in federal elections- Supreme Court upheld their freedom of speech- 2008 Contributions - huge amount of small donors- < $200 (1/4 of money 746 millino of Obama came from these people)- due to internet- - candidates provide own money- no restriction if don’t accept public funds- (i...
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