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1 million given to mccain obama refused first to not

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Unformatted text preview: percent rule helps front runners- if scared you will fall short, don’t enter- but this shows huge weakness- - general election funds- 08, 84.1 million given to McCain, Obama refused – first to not take them raised 337 million for general election- money and electoral success- - money can buy recognition- money matters most when not known- support, consultants, media, grassroots operation - most money usually doe best in election- esp inlast 50 years, for repubs- increses voter support esp with more affluent voters ch 3 Voters come with pre- existing views - recent voting trends- personal feeling, partisanship social factors like age education and group assoc - turnout- VAP –voting age pop vs VEP- voting eligible population - reforms- beginning...
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