Need coal for sips to get there sailors need ports to

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Unformatted text preview: yellow press – improved literacy etc • Heartz and Pulitzer rises • Goal was to make money- not doing this to steer the gov 1898 McKinley, letter • letter ade Spanish look bad- said that they would be brutal once us got out of way from Cuba- it upset McKinley a lot and he didn’t want to sell the Cubans to the Spanish- • he knewthe spans would be brutal and this letter was bad • USS Maine explodes in HAvanna harbor- killed 200+ US soldiers- US blames Spanish • Spans get angry- the span gov cldnt stop the nationalist fever growing in spain- the US made a personal attack- ppl want war moer • McKinley delivers War Message- After War- McKinley • what to do with Phillipines now? • Need coal for sips to get there • Sailors • Need ports to stop on the way • Need to est presence in the pacific ocean • Roosevelt knows this too- • Us expands presence in pacific- starts getting spread...
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