Commodity the poster in half eng half germ immigs

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Unformatted text preview: d in the 70s too- scared the system is failing • economy not recovered • bad labor conditions • child labor- outlawed but not enforced- • workers at a Poland car company walked out- the Amer RR union backs them and says their members wont work on Poland car co • strike turns violent- started at McCormick reaper (it had increased prod and made grain into an commodity). – the poster in half eng half germ- immigs didn’t speak eng war in cuba span v scuba • disease hard- span soldiers didn’t have same reason to fight- nationalism is what makes people fight first- but spainish not erally- ighting for economic • Cuban rebels fighting for independence- • The Spanish war getting worse and worse- the US was also getting involved- • Cuban elite didn’t want to be too closely sided with spain- • Us 90% of Cuban exports- spain’s imports is going down- • If cuba doesn’t sell to us- need to fix something- • Us mass circulated newspapers-...
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