1812 and 1815

Violent sent clay great compromiser quasi fed former

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Unformatted text preview: conomic prob populists don’t want war- have been fighting French for decades- tired of it very diff war- terrible fighting- mortality huge- bc have bigger armies and young men dying- madison- sends peace to ghent bc too violent - sent clay (great compromiser) quasi fed- former war hog- ready to deal- he was not afraid to sit down - john q adams- new England, federalist- weren’t picking people who didn’t have experience or were worldly diplomacy getting more professional war ended in stalemate na- hugest losers- brits inciting na to attack americans- na disloyal history gets re- written- portrayed as nobel effort and gains ind- but it was not so timing and communication is everything- ppl heard of Jackson in vicotious new Orleans and treaty of ghent at same time- ppl think jackson’s role was the solution but not so drive the congress of Vienna- keeps peace in Vienna for 40 years- 1815 - us left with tenuous repub desires- -...
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