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Biggest trading partner smoot hawley tariff very

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Unformatted text preview: in check for rearming- the Us was not willing to play mother and keep checking Germany Us believed problem with germ was economnic question- when can they pay their reparitions? Republican nightmare- • Wheat and cotton being produced- where to sell? Not in germ, west Europe, soviet unio- slump in 1920, 1921- it worried people- the Us had to have European purchasing power- what was this going to do in latin America- Us business • ? why not sell to newly acquired territories? China and Jap and LA, cuba, phils, Hawaii, mexico- all these markets- was that even thought of? • Drive for higher tariffs- E willing to export cheaply- • Politicians had the problem- how important is I to let E trade exapsnion help them to get back on feet- vs the desire to let amer markets expand instead G Depre...
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