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Import effort to raise people up and have a moral

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Unformatted text preview: any demobilized men- you want these men re- introduced to civilian life and to get them working Iran/Iraq • Rits already involved- US forces way in = domestic politics drove things during this period • Foreign policy not at top of list- Domestic concerns - bolstead act- 18th amend- 1918- prohibition- effort to contain drunk immigrants- many immigrants “bringing lower moral values into the US”- want to teach them to act like civilized people - extension of enfranchised women- by 1919, 1920- 19th amend- women involved in temperance movements- prohibition would get women oters - german beer industry- keeping these breweries from making money- - also a class separation- rich could still drink- bootleg, import - effort to raise people up and have a moral governing head- - this was a failure- led to raise of organized crime- - taxes- 26th amend- 1913- passed for preparedness- the US needed to get prepared- so raise money for the military- instantly, the concern way people didn’t want to pay high taxrs Coolidge economic policies not okay- - manufactureers wanted and got high tariffs- the fear was that Brits woul...
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