Powerful in pacific hughes speech at the conference

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Unformatted text preview: f hardings goals- move US banks into the global role of British Banks- Us banks are going to become less isolationist- Washington Naval Conference- hughes idea- Jap get huge deal out of this 60% of what brits and US have- US and Brits have security concerns for both Pacific and Atlantic= therefore, Jap only needs Pac- so they will become most powerful in Pacific • hughes- speech at the conference – declared ten day building holiday- cant • prevent a pacific arms race- but limits not on battleships- but battleships less irrelevant WWI • germs not invited to the conference- • the Us agreed not to fortify presence in Phil- japs happy • Brits okay with this- • Brits wanted larger naval ships- prior to WWI G and Brit naval arms race- Coolidge • Communist party present in US- • The business of US is business- this is all about the economy- arms buildups don’t matter- global trade is what matters and is what will lead to world peace- • Us loans going to Germ to buy US goods – goes to other places as well- this is another leverage for foreign policy – • In West Europe- m...
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