Shots fired beg of war says mex fired on us troops

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Unformatted text preview: 1844- chance that there can be a deal with OR and TX- he is wooried about west- worried that brits will get CA (he sends tha message to the Fr and the Brits) • Us wanted rio grane- mex will only give some of it- mex needs to give up tx to the rio grande and give up CA- mex not pleased • Polk sent troops with Taylor into mex- shots fired- beg of war- says mex fired on us troops • Polk almost led to war with Brit over Oregon- • Polk makes deal with brit- 49th parallel 1847 - worst year of irish famine • Large immigration to us- cheap source of labor and votes in the north Comp of 1850 • Henry clay suggest- very influential- • Ca admitted as free state- Utah and NM admitted as slave states • He proposes the enforcement of fug slave law • Meant that if a slave goes wehre there is no slavery (north), hemsut be returned • North pissed- don’t want to deal with slavery and don’t want...
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