Asia and Mexico

In that part of the world jackson whigs anti fed

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Unformatted text preview: anguage- • treaty of nan king- brit access to hong kong- pays brtis 21 mill in silver- hard currency very good thing for a gov that is indebted from wars and is going through an indust rev- • france and US wants a part of this too- us shipping goes up in that part of the world- • Jackson • whigs- anti fed- anti Jackson • took a lot of exec power- centralized power • expansion- • rr and telegraph- allow ties into economy but allow people to still stay small • towns started springing up along rr Mexico • us much less willing ot go to war ver canda- there wouldn’t be slavery- bc not the climate for it nor the space for it • 1847- mex losing a lot • practice for cw- a lot of junior officers are brought into the cw-...
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