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Asia and Mexico

Simply want to be like them it reps instability no one

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Unformatted text preview: • mexs adopt guerilla war tactics- • mex war- first occupation and intl war- working out well- first mass media wars in the US- treaty of guad hidalgo- ends war- us get mex to agree to terms- 50 k mex 13k us dead- large numbers- • desire to get it over with- bloody and long- prove that the us exper was working • that the us could do thigns- thought they gained new respect in Europe but in Europe- • rev of 1848- Ireland, paris, Italy, Denmark, otto empire etc • revs spreading- the US says all these nations simply want to be like them • it reps instability- no one in power wants this • beginnings of unif movements in Italy • this begins unification movement led by Russians in germ • Monroe doct- gets stretched at this point 1849- beg of ca gold rush- another nail in coffin of repub ideal bc going t...
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