During and After war of 1812

Recession of 1819 huge burst in us manufacturing after

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Unformatted text preview: l model of states rights- there is a fed gov, but states rights is still relevant- you cannot manage this- pop and land is growing- • repub ideals are disappearing- henry clay redefines it as American system- • 1808- 24- colonial revolts in latin America- span mpire falls apart- chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru • does America recognize these govs or hold fast to spain? • Recession of 1819- huge burst in US manufacturing- after the war- the brits had stockpiles- they dumped it in world- us manuf couldn’t compete- prices fell- uncertainty- loss of jobs- it proved that the capitalist evolution not great • 1819- Missouri admitted as slave state- first state in LA purchase after LA to apply to the union- • Jefferson- “firebell in the night”- unreconcilable problem • MI compromise- not handle it, just let it ride out- Maine admitted as a state- MI as slave state • Resolutiuon to florida prob- spain losing S. American colonies- concerned more abt CA and TX than FL- cotton exports continuing to rise- need ports- need FL • Monroe- seminals- plausible deniability- Monroe sends Jackson to get things done in FL- he knows this will be violent- it ends up violent • • • • • • • Sec of State- John Q Adams- v. competent- knew spain stre...
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