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During and After war of 1812

Time bc no compelling reason for south to comply

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Unformatted text preview: tched thin- he bought spain out- This led to Monroe doct- had to do with pacific northwest- response to colonieal pressures- Russians claiming pacific NW- fur trade/whaling etc- but New England made so much money from fur trade- freedom of seas issue Greek revolution- the Greeks rebelling against non- white Turks – Monroe didn’t recognize the greeks- Monroe doct- show hox competent the Us- we are in charge here- not enforceable- US still weak- no more European colonization- no more US interference in Europe- 1824 elections- bitter- John Q Adams elected- Henry clay- sec of state- American System- a way to contain sectionalism- he was from SW- trying to integrate the US economically (infrastructure, national bank etc)- didn’t take off at time- bc no compelling reason for south to comply- South huge economic power and huge market (cotton- > cotton gin)- no reason to invest in infrastructure- did not want to look to fufute In north- erie canal opens- huge public works project- money comes from taxes? Fed gov? etc – huge project- no rr 1828- Jackson elected- never served as diplo- • Believer in rotating offices- led to patronage system...
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