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Depression diplomacy

Harder to simpy pack up and move to indust bc no jobs

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Unformatted text preview: s would civilize hitler and not make him as big of a threat- put him on the inside to control him- Fdr- willing to inst reciprocal trade agreements- to get the us out of smoot hawley- but the economy did not improve right away- ag economy sunk in – too late- farmers being foreclosed- people losing money by farming- it was getting harder to simpy pack up and move to indust- bc no jobs and also more technical field to work in- need experience and education about it AAA- depression worldwide now- no one has answer- this paid farmers not to farm- farmers told to produce onl enough for the domestic market- opening market reversal- sole goal: meet domestic demand Comm experiment seemed like it was succeeding- FDR- goes to world economic conference- not int in spending money ot help Euros- th US was the only country that could help the B and F to stand up to G/Hitler- Hitler- 1933- he comes ou of hiding- htierl withdraws G out of disarmament conference- G is going to rearm- F steps up own production- FDR beigns...
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