Chinese and Irish Revolution

Modernization knew that iran had to catch up bp had an

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Unformatted text preview: and intellectual society for ages- did not enjoy being part of great powerful rivalry- us good powerful ally though • 1909- the founding of the anglo vergin oil company (BP) – the brits and russ divide up Persia- russ have north and Brits have south- • • • • • • ww hated this- he did not want to get involved with imperialistic nature- after the Russia revolution, the brits used iran as route to invade Russia- Wilson did not like this Iranian gov unstable at this point- the brits find someone to run the country on their behalf- raisa khan- he takes power in 1920- dictator in 25- is expert at playing the big countries off of each other- Confronted with problem of modernization- knew that iran had to catch up- BP had an emormous amount...
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