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Chinese and Irish Revolution

Parnell nationalist sentiment taking hold and taking

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Unformatted text preview: supported by irish community and the irish comm in the US- bc no one benefit from being under brit rule- brit happy to see them go- • small farmers leave bc large land consolidation had been happening- during the 1870s, agric exports coming in from the us- lots of irish immigs to the us- nationalist sentiment growing • Charles stewwrt parnell- nationalist sentiment taking hold, and taking hold everywhere- • Easter rising didn’t do much- but radicalized everyone- brits make no big deal of it but soldiers fire into crowd- 300 dead- 130 brits dead- cant just play this down and then hve this number of casualties- Germany fostering this disloyalty • Caused probs with us- bc brits execute irish prisoners- and this is not okay- this made connections to germans who were killing pows • Draft- this basically turned into oppressment- irish army made- by 1921- the anglo- irsih treaty signed- irish nat leaders and England- Ireland becomes a dominion- takescare of things for the moment Iran • The real threats for iran were the brits and russ • B4 1940- us and iran on good relations- • Cultural...
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