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jeff thought this would be a prob bc states wouldnt

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Unformatted text preview: anymore - Fernch rev and indust rev and rise of napoleon- these things made this impossible- - How do you avoid progression from agrarian to manufact to factories etc - Sense of natl identity and fed gov was getting weaker- this was a repub problem- how do we maintain a sense of cohesion? - Jeff thought this would be a prob- bc states wouldn’t ever fight with each other- this was naïve- something like this would never happen - His repub purity gets dirty - He wanted to preserve centralization that feds had instituted- needed some way to manage growing people - He stayed antimilitarist- anything diff from agrarian life was dangerous- drain on revenues- lead you into debt - But est west point in 1882 - West point- there was a meritocracy now- took away citizen soldier- there is now a professional class in the military- you need training to be good at - There was something to be taught and to be learned- - Relat with france- - How can you be a part of intl trading scene but still keep yourself ditant from it? - He gets the us involved in first foreign war- T...
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