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Unformatted text preview: ripolitan war- 1801- 1816 Tripolitan war • Us not exactly independent- you don’t need a big navy if you can freeride off the british navy- • • • • • • • • But jeff had to solve prob on its own- But us now has grown a lot- In 1803 the USS Philadelphia captured- 300 crew aboard- decide to burn it instead of letting it fall to the enemy- 1805- small group of marines land in Tripoli- 1816- bay of algeirs- don’t take on us but also doesn’t surrender- have to take on deal- us still doesn’t have unrestricted access to medit- but see brewing things role of race- the first clash of civilizations- people were VERY diff from the Europeans- muslims, dark jeff didn’t seek executive authority to declare- he didn’t ask congress if he could go to war- common enemy- for us- helps to build national cohesion- • LA purchase - for along time it wasn’t huge issue- it wasn’t us territory, but we could use it- spain was pretty weak at this time - 1799- nap gets involved- he is in Egypt- he starts thinking about French empire in western hem...
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