To have a revolt no haitian rev lobour saving devices

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Unformatted text preview: isphere- sugar and coffee very necessary- he knew Spanish couldn’t hang on to it - he went for Haiti then LA- jeff hate French- more threatening - jeff starts saying he might do an alliance with great Britain - says he will take LA by force- but he didn’t have an army and didn’t want one - natural law- manifest destiny- us destined to hold this land - oct 1802- us loses port of new Orleans- shipment deal is over- now hve to pay export duties - jeff sends Monroe to make proposal to buy land- nap needs money- buy LA and the floridas - if it doenst work, Monroe should go to London and see what he can do there- so pit them against each other - even though jeff was anti- brit - success of markets- need intl trade - huge factor of slavery- need labour- tobacco, cotton etc- there were already huge markets- they tell jeff if he tries to outlaw slavery, they will move to the brits or French - other people think its good to have slavery- diffuse slave pop- less likely to have a revolt- no Haitian rev - lobour saving devices invented- more lucrative- less necessity for labour- made slaves more valuable - people with valuable slaves didn...
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