5 Dimensions of Ideology

The structure of the internatl system us position has

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Unformatted text preview: afford it- not in a small countries interest to get in their problems - Why in the ww did us get involved? But up until then, we knew to stay out - Cultural isolation too- not conduct or dress like them- not going to play their game - Bad for the economy- esp as political trade gets bigger- very hard to do it 2. the structure of the internatl system- us position has changed a lot- interactions of geography and technology – technology brings difficulties etc – military tech has made wars very dangerous and v expensive - role of progress- who gains? Is it something that you even want - geography- we have a huge gap- that’s why 9/11 so terrifying bc the moat didn’t hold- - technology- the oceans are a lot smaller than 300 years ago- people also see democrac...
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