Open door and the Philippines 10-11

5 years lasted bc stereotypes pf asains they are

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Unformatted text preview: to give up in samar- rebels overrun us position- this leads to countermeasures that were made public- people start asking the consequences of this war – balangiga- spet 1901- vilagers overtake us troops- this is a lot worse than people thought- colonel Jacob smith in charge of us forces there- he wants brutal retaliation- people coming out for and against the war 1902- debate heating p- Roosevelt is prez Mck assas- he is loyal to troops but not loves the war- he gets sen lodge to say that the us citizens are sheltered- they don’t know how hard it is to bring law and order to people there- this feeling of unity around the war is starting to dissipate though lodge- held hearing for dissent- just for show though- no report or investigation of the atroci...
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