Open door and the Philippines 10-11

As a nation dewey and other admiral met didnt speak

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Unformatted text preview: • Rosse’s decision to send trrops to manila was to defeat spain- cuba and phil each a battle plain • Us didn’t want to seem defeatist- wasn’t willing to look weak • Spain dying empire • These people deserve better- • Mckinley- put in explicitly Christian terms- there was nothing left for us to do but to Christianize others- out duty as a nation Dewey and other admiral- met- didn’t speak languages- had different impressions of the war Renaldo- declares phil indep- thinks us will back- but no us person shows up to the ceremony- us not behind them- the negotiations with spain continuing- the us had upper hand- decide what to do with the Phill- phil declares war on the us- mckinly had decided to battle of manila- us wins • but climate diff- jungle • island hoping- very difficult to do • was not a splendid little war here • war between two beligerants- the phil is fighting for ind • now the us not supporting its independence- now in the role of England- now they are taming a colony- • us sends 10ks soldiers...
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