Hegemony in the Western Hemisphere

Central amer economies set up to provide raw

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Unformatted text preview: masculinity- real man- industrialization- crisis of masculinity- people not working the land- more white collared jobs- • Us duty to govern and educate people until they can govern themselves- the white mans burden • Latin America- colonialism- plantation agriculture- PR, central amer- economies set up to provide raw materials for export- • Tiny class of landowners owning most of the land • Us investment in la 400% up- est itself as dom in the export industry Panama canal • Changes everything- huge deal • Cuts transportation considerably- make central amer more sign- much more money and huge industry- military significance- War 1898- • uss Oregon takes two months to get from pac coast to cuba- • clayton bulwer- us and brit would partner to build a canal- to jointly control it- it was in 1850- after Oregon boundary dispute and amer- mex war- for brit to grant a partnership with the still small us was paramount • Columbia- us recognize Columbian sovereignty over panama- in order for them to get...
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