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Hegemony in the Western Hemisphere

Investment us invest doubles to 1908 49 mill 225 mill

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Unformatted text preview: s canal- we facilitated panama’s independence- TR corollary • Venezuela debt crisis- general defaults on ven debt- brits and germ tells us they will be collecting the debts by force if necessary- • Tr warns them that in collecting their debts, they cannot take any land- • An anglo/germ fleet shows up in ven- TR fear that germ will est naval base- • Potential threat to canal zone that they are in process of negot • TR sends in fleet- forces brits and germs to settle debt controversy- • Venez remains independent- • Us made point clear- no matter how inneficient and corrupt LA govs are- europena govs cannot take over Pltt amend • cuba model for what us wants in this time • us right to intervene in cuba to preserve gov and to maintain independence- keep bus open- US withdrew in 1902 and cuba gets prexz • us g...
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