Hegemony in the Western Hemisphere

Route for the canal but need a treaty with colombia

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Unformatted text preview: panama land- • Regular rebellions in panama- • • • • • • 1869- opening of suez canal- huge boost to Uk and French- cuts time from med to red sea in india- brit control of this was very imp- imp fo rhte us to control one in it’s own hemisphere- Egyptian canal goes deeply into debt- brit and French take over Jay negotiated the brits out- concedes rights to us that they control the canal- cancelling bulwer- this canal has no neutrality in the time of war (unlike suez canal)- the us has naval power to back this up now- Spooner amendment- congress settles on panama as route for the canal- but need a treaty with Colombia to do it- cant get Colombia permission- Hay- Herran treaty- Colombia nominally soverieng over canal zone- us payment and Colombia gets tolls- Colombian senate refuses to reatify- not interested in building the canal- libs want more money- Colombian senate rejects- TR not happy- Tr justification- says Columbia not capable of ruling it- we need and the world needs thi...
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