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Unformatted text preview: it happening - Had no diplo court, army, or idea about how econ should evolve- but how do we keep this repub gov- this was going to be an example for other nations- but does this mean magnify small producers and agrarian business- if Jefferson and Repub, then yes- - Would not succumb to European luxury or consumption- how are farmers even going to make money? Solutions - land - access to foreign markets - correct gov policy - repubs didn’t think UK was answer- theough it would bring the country backward- sense of fear in repub about what might happen- the belief was more, we will fall as E did into luxury and social stratification and no republican governance Jefferson - us rural and agricultural- should stay the same forever- but he was an inherited plantation owner/ slaveholder Hamilton - very humble upbringing - ideas very diff from madison - ham mad and jay= fed papers UK - relationship was not independent yet - uk market was 90% imports and 50% of exports- both very important for one another - indust rev starting- greater need for products - brits in Canada- geographically close - fur trade- very close with native americans and French - brits had many probs otherwise during this time- esp the French - huge fear after French revolution that it would spread- US trade Probs - how do we conduct forieng policy? - Trade wars- huge with brit and france - F and b fighting each ot...
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